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Hop aboard the Whole30 Wagon. Let’s Roll!

Laura is a Certified Whole30 Coach, Chef, and Fitness Instructor. Growing up in the restaurant industry, she knows how indulgent food and drink can thwart all efforts to eat clean.  As a certified fitness instructor for 25+ years, she also knows that "you can't out-exercise a bad diet".  Laura believes that delicious compliant meals plus embracing movement, is the magical formula to living a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Her clients know her to be a vast resource of recipes, tips, and encouragement.  Laura has 30+ years of foodservice experience and will share some cool "chef hacks" to make meal prep a breeze.  You want your family to do Whole30 with you?  She's done 4 rounds with her kids and yet they still love her!

You'll get the support you need.  Warning: Laura isn't afraid to keep you accountable with a healthy dose of "tough love".  Golden, Colorado is now home to this Boston native who will balance West-Coast kindness with East-Coast realness to help you achieve your goals!

The only place where SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary
— Vidal Sassoon



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Laura Cook Newman Whole30 Certified Coach

Photo by Elimar Trujillo Photography

Photo by Elimar Trujillo Photography

Let’s Talk Whole30

What it is…

Whole30 is a 30-day nutritional reset. Consider it a clean eating “challenge” if you’d like. For thirty days, you follow the Whole30 rules of eating clean (nothing processed!) and not weighing yourself. After the thirty days are complete, you will record your “Non Scale Victories” (NSV’s), weigh yourself, and reintroduce those non-compliant foods back into your diet. This will determine which foods are right for you and eventually help your navigate your path to the ultimate goal of “Food Freedom!”

What it’s not…

Whole30 is not a guaranteed weight loss program. Although many participants do notice weight loss, the goal of Whole30 is not a “crash diet”. Whole30 is not a meal-kit program. There are no supplements. No subscriptions. No powdered drinks, shakes or pills. No starvation. No fees. No annual plans. No pyramid schemes. No scams.

WhY Use a Coach?

Truth time - You can buy the Whole30 Book, read it cover-to-cover and begin Whole30 on your own today! Enlisting the help of a Certified Coach is not a requirement.

However, we all have the best of intentions of getting healthy “one of these days.” That day can be today - but changing your relationship with food is HARD. Food is comfort, food is celebration, food is a reward…these behaviors have been ingrained in us since our first taste of birthday cake, or a recent sip of wine.

Laura’s role as your Whole30 Coach is part cheerleader, part professor, part “mom”, and part drill sergeant. She will keep you supported, educated, focused, and accountable from beginning to end.

“Yes Chef!”

What makes Laura’s style unique? There are plenty of fabulous coaches out there all with their own vibe and approach. Selecting a Whole30 Coach is kind of like picking out a new home - you know it when you see it; it just FEELS right.

Laura’s style is not for everyone. She is no-nonsense. She adheres to the Whole30 rules. She will inspire you to be your best because she wants the best for YOU.

In addition to being a Whole30 Certified Coach, Laura is a fitness instructor and understands the needs of athletes and “weekend warriors”. She is also a trained chef (Johnson & Wales University) and mother of two. Want some kitchen hacks to make your life easier? Want to satisfy “picky eaters” in the family and not make six meals a night? Laura has your back.

Her resources are infinite, her connections are strong, and her network is large.


Laura helped me get started on my Whole30 journey and has supported me and encouraged me every step of the way. She has inspired me to work toward my health goals and is a crucial part of my success. She is always positive but will tell you the truth straight; she is a wealth of knowledge on food, fitness, and Whole30!
— Heidi W. two-time Whole30 client
This is Heidi making homemade mayo for the first time. Nice emulsion Heidi!

This is Heidi making homemade mayo for the first time. Nice emulsion Heidi!

I did a Whole30 group with Laura last spring and it was a game changer for me. She coached so well that I was able to complete another full round on my own when I got back from vacation earlier this summer. If you want to change your relationship with food, if you need to clean up your diet, if you want to get rid of fatigue or brain fog, Whole30 will help you. Go do it!!!
— Tiffany B. - Whole30 client and owner of Evolition, LLC

Tiffany (left) and her Whole30 family @ our cooking class

Tiffany (left) and her Whole30 family @ our cooking class

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